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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Save On Gas At Kroger!

If you don't have a Kroger Plus Card, you need one!
I save SO much money with their digital coupons, and their Kroger savings just by having their card! Because I am lucky enough to be a BzzAgent, which means I am able to test products and services for free :),  I received an additional $5 off on my Kroger Plus Card.
Here is how the Kroger Plus Card works: One, sign up at Kroger.com. Then you can view the coupons the have on their site, choose the ones you want, load them to your card, and shop away! No clipping!! Woohoo! :) Plus, for every $100 you spend, per calender month, you get 10 cents off per gallon at a Kroger gas station. (which is all we use now) So, if you have a big family, and spend $1000 a month on groceries, you save $1.00 a gallon!! Who couldn't use that with gas prices so high? Every bit helps, right? It does in my house!!!!
Also, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, for the summer, you get double points for your purchase at Kroger when you use your Kroger Plus Card! Just means cheaper gas for you!!!
So, if you don't have a Kroger Plus Card, SIGN UP!!
Again, go to Kroger.com, or stop by your local Kroger store. It  is VERY easy to do, and you won't be sorry! I mean, would be sorry about saving money? :)


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