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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

New Kroger Goodies!

Ready to take your grill-out to the next level? Let a few unique ingredients be your inspiration.
Private Selection 
Private Selection can help you create an extraordinary culinary experience any time -- including backyard get-togethers.

Your Mission
Once you've secured your food for grilling, you can use some of your new Private Selection rubs to build a unique, tasty burger that will have everyone talking (hopefully not with their mouths full!).
Looking to experiment with even more flavors this grilling season? The coupons in your kit are a perfect way to dress up your favorites with unique rubs, condiments and sides!
Use the Sharing Tools below to tell your friends how you're crafting your burgers and share photos of your cookout and what you think of your Private Selection rubs and chips!
Your kit contains:
  • Private Selection™ Green Chile Ranch Seasoning Rub
  • Private Selection Texas Inspired BBQ Kettle Potato Chips
  • 9 coupons for grilling season
  • 27 additional coupons to pass along to your friends!
  • MyMagazine™ Sharing Network: Mission Guide
You can expect your kit to arrive in 1-2 weeks

Friday, October 14, 2016

Hey Ladies! This Is Just For You!

 Did you know that Seventh Generation makes feminine products? Well they do! And guess what? The actually believe you have the right to know what's in the products you buy.  Tampons and pads do not need fragrances and deodorants to be effective; then why is the industry adding them to your feminine products and not disclosing what is in them? You should have the right to know what you are using on your most sensitive areas.
Join Seventh Generation in their mission for transparency on packing and getting  the industry to #ComeClean about its ingredients. You deserve it!  Check out this video to learn more.


Y'all take care!

Keep Your Family Safe With Seventh Generation Products!

Do you want to know what are in your products and help control the ingredients to keep your family safe? If so, you can also join Generation Good  like I did and become a  part of a community that inspires bright and safe solutions for our families!  You also could receive a booklet in the mail with three (3) coupons for a total of $4 savings on Seventh Generation products, including their laundry detergent, which provides a real clean with no artificial brighteners, dyes or fake scents.
In the meantime, you can learn more about their #ComeClean campaign at 7gen.us/comeclean! It's time to demand ingredient disclosure on the products you use to clean your home! So, join now and help make changes today!

Y'all take care!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

What A Heluva Good Dip!!!

What a "Heluva Good" dip for this BzzAgent and her family! I have such a wide arrange of taste/pallets to deal with on a daily basis, and this was a perfect fit! I LOVE spicy, but I am the only one. So, I do not usually get my way on the spicy thing (but that is the only thing I don't get my way on! lol! If that was only true! lol)
However, I did get the Jalapeno Cheddar Heluva dip to try, again as a BzzAgent. EVERYONE loved it!
It had just a bit of kick, for me, but not too much of a kick that the rest of the family couldn't enjoy it! It was a win win all around!
They have a lot of different dip options! Just check out their site, http://www.heluvagood.com/
From now own, this brand will totally be my first go to dip!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Luvsome Loves Your Pets As Much As You Do!

Well, after 7 years of me being a BzzAgent it was bound to happen! My 3M's (Morris, Maddie & Mae) wanted in on the deal and are now BzzAgent too and testing great products with me! lol
They have been eating Luvsome wet and dry cat food, and loving every minute of it! As as a "fur baby mommy" I can feel good about giving it to them because it is the perfect amount of nutrition for your cats or dogs.
When I first put the wet food down for them, you would have thought they hadn't eaten in months! That is how much they loved it! They just devoured it!!!

The Luvsome wet caned foods come in many different varieties (14 to be exact)  just check out their web site for more information. www.luvsomepet.com
We also received a bag of the Luvsome dry cat food to try! They loved it equally as well. The cat dry food comes in Grilled Medley, Seafood Delight, Natural, and Indoor Formula. We got the indoor formula since the 3M's all stay inside! :)
I can't forget about all those wonderful dogs out there! The dog food comes in Original, Natural, Healthy Weight, and Skin & Coat Formula.

Now, anytime you are changing your beloved pets food to a different brand you want to do this in phases for a smooth transition. If you make a change to quickly it could possibly make your dog or cat have a upset tummy, and no on wants that, not you or them!
Here is a good way to go about making that change:

Phase 1: Kick things off slowly, mixing 25% Luvsome with 75% of their old food. Combine both foods in the bowl simultaneously.

Phase 2: Gradually increase the balance of Luvsome in the bowl so that the mix is about 50/50 with the old food.

Phase 3: If things are moving along well, you can take the next step by changing the mix to 25% old food and 75% Luvsome.

Phase 4: Presto, you are now at 100% Luvsome! Congrats!!

Again, check out the Luvsome web site for any more, and all, information.


Hope your "fur babies" love Luvsome as much as ours did!!


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