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Friday, November 3, 2017

Skinny Cow Ice Cream is Amazing!

I was able to try the Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches, for free through My Magazine Sharing Network. We chose the ice cream sandwiches, because that is all that was available at our Kroger. The ice cream part of the sandwich was AMAZING, and such high quality! I would buy the ice cream, on its own, in a heart beat! However, the sandwich part of it was dry, sticky, and overpowered the ice cream. I would not buy that again. But the ice cream was just so good we are for sure going to look for that, on its own! It tasted just like other high quality ice cream, but with less the fat and calories!

Friday, July 28, 2017

StainMaster Carpet Pet Stain Remover is a MUST Have!

This is Maddie Lane, she is one of two others. And if you have pets like we do, then you know just how messy they can be, even cats! Through My Magazine Sharing Network I was given the opportunity to test (for free) Stain Master Carpet Pet Stain Remover. Now, not to be too gross, but this adorable girl is quite the puker! No matter what we have tried, different foods, etc, she just has a sensitive tummy. Other than that she is a dream, sweet, loving, well behaved and just all around wonderful! I have tried MANY different stain removers, but it is NOT an easy task to get that kind of stain out of light colored carpet! 
However, once I got my hands on StainMaster Carpet Pet Stain Remover, the stains came right out, new and old. Not to mention how quickly they came out! I didn't have to scrub for days, there was no odor left behind and no sticky residue. And you know, that sticky residue, that can be left behind by some other carpet cleaners, is just a dirt magnet!
StainMaster products have a very different technology than other products have. They are designed to clean faster on contact and repel dirt. Having this technology  will protect against future re-soiling. That will make for a much easier clean every time!

You can see the discolored spot in front of the StainMaster Carpet Pet Stain Remover.

No more stain. which was bright orange!! This picture was taken right after using the product, so it was just a little wet, but there is nothing left at all!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Fire Up The Flavor!

Everyone who knows me, knows I LOVE Kroger! My step son has said many times, if we are not at home, check Kroger! lol
I am apart of My Magazine Sharing Network, which is part of Kroger and other fine stores, allowed me to try (for free) their Private Selections BBQ Kettle chips and their Private Selections Chile Ranch Seasoning Rub.  the BBQ Kettle chips are sweet, tangy, crispy with a hit of black pepper at the end. They were amazing and didn't last long in our house! I used the Green Chile Ranch seasoning rub, in my cast iron grill skillet (since we do not have a grill here) on chicken and it was beyond good! And let me tell you, it also didn't last long! I am sure it would even be better out on the grill! And it is not just for chicken! it would be great on meat as well. It is hot, not too hot, and tangy. It has the right amount of seasonings that scream Southwest with Chiles, spices and buttermilk. 
The Kroger Private Selections is a top notch brand that is high quality and culinary inspired dream with ingredients that are a must for your every day meal! They are quick, easy, and so very tasty! Private Selections should be a staple in your kitchen, like it is in mine!
#fireuptheflavor #freesample

Monday, June 12, 2017

Enjoy The New Nestea Experience!

Nestea has a great new look to their classic teas. Not only is their look new, but they have revamped their recipes! Are you and your family tea lovers like we are? If so you don't want to miss out on the new Nestea products. I was able to receive two free Nestea products through My Magazine Sharing Network. I chose to try the new Nestea Lemon and Peach flavors. They have totally reformulated their classic recipe flavors to improve the taste, if you can imagine that! To do that, they now use fewer ingredients with out sacrificing any of that great flavor. If you loved Nestea before, you will love them even more now! They still have their wonderful, natural flavors but now there are no longer any artificial flavors or colors added, just crisp tasty tea! In addition, they have also done away with the use of High Fructose Corn Syrup. So what are you left with? A excellent tasting tea! The Nestea Peach Tea is refreshing and sweet, without being too sweet, it is smooth and oh so delicious. The Nestea Lemon Tea is true classic with a very bright flavor that you don't want to miss out on! In addition to these two outstanding flavors, they have also added Nestea Sweet Black Tea, which I have yet to try. This tea is said to have an authentic black tea flavor, with the perfect amount of sweetness, that has that great "just like home" brewed taste. You don't want to miss out on any of these great, new and improved Nestea teas!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

New Kroger Goodies!

Ready to take your grill-out to the next level? Let a few unique ingredients be your inspiration.
Private Selection 
Private Selection can help you create an extraordinary culinary experience any time -- including backyard get-togethers.

Your Mission
Once you've secured your food for grilling, you can use some of your new Private Selection rubs to build a unique, tasty burger that will have everyone talking (hopefully not with their mouths full!).
Looking to experiment with even more flavors this grilling season? The coupons in your kit are a perfect way to dress up your favorites with unique rubs, condiments and sides!
Use the Sharing Tools below to tell your friends how you're crafting your burgers and share photos of your cookout and what you think of your Private Selection rubs and chips!
Your kit contains:
  • Private Selection™ Green Chile Ranch Seasoning Rub
  • Private Selection Texas Inspired BBQ Kettle Potato Chips
  • 9 coupons for grilling season
  • 27 additional coupons to pass along to your friends!
  • MyMagazine™ Sharing Network: Mission Guide
You can expect your kit to arrive in 1-2 weeks


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