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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Would You Like To Feel Lighter?

I know I would! I received a free product, from The Insiders, of Metamucil test and out and try for free.
There are two types of Metamucil, one is with real sugar, and one is sugar free. I received the one that had the real sugar. Having said that, and just so you know, I can only speak on that one, and it does have 16 grams of sugar (per 2 rounded Tbsp). Obviously, only one Tbsp has 8 grams of sugar. Again, I am not sure of the sugar free one, since that was not the one I was given to try and write about.
I learned that there are many benefits for using Metamucil. It is not for when you are having certain fiber related issues, like I thought.
Metamucil is like no other fiber product! It actually contains 100% natural psyllium husk which is a fiber that will work with your body to also promote regularity. And it will not only keep you regular, by gently removing the waste that weighs you down, but it will help you feel less hungry (which I know we all love! :) ) between meals, and as part of a healthy diet, it will also lend a hand in you maintaining a healthy blood sugar level! As well as being a aid in lowering cholesterol and promoting in heart health. So you just can't go wrong with this product!
I started out using Metamucil once a day, as directed. All I did was place 1 Tbsp (again, to start) in 8 oz of water. You can use other cold beverage, but I just did water, but I think it would be great in OJ, since it has such a great orange flavor. Make sure you stir it in very well, or shake well. I put it into my own filtered bottled water that I keep on hand 24/7. If you do not stir, or shake well, it can be gritty, and no one wants that! Just make sure it is totally dissolved.
Once more, I just started out with a Tbst, in my water, every morning, just to make sure my system was ok with it, since it was something new. After 2 days, and my system was adjusting to it well, I did go up to 2 Tbsp. You go by how you feel.
I did feel great doing a drink every morning, and twice a day was just fine as well. Again, you can do this up to three times a day. I do feel lighter and much better, And when we have family events, like a holiday, birthday, or our anniversary (which was during my test time) I did fix that extra dose, when I needed it. It will be something great to have on hand for all the holidays that are not too far in the future!
One other great reason to use Metamucil, it is the #1 doctor recommended. I don't know about you, but that speaks volumes to me!

Friday, June 22, 2018

I received Hormel Natural Choice Uncured Bacon, almost free # freeproduct, from my magazingsharingnetwork. I did receive a "free coupon", but the product cost more than the coupon covered, which is fine! I decided to cook the bacon in the oven, less grease, and made a bacon, avocado, and tomato breakfast sandwich! The bacon was cooked perfectly, tasted great, and easy to cook!
Hormel Natural Choice Original Uncured Bacon. No nitrates or nitrites added and no MSG added. We make this uncured bacon with no preservatives and nothing artificial ingredients. Leaving just great tasting bacon. This product is free from gluten. Taste the freshness from Hormel foods.
  • Hormel Natural Choice Original Uncured Bacon.
  • Not preserved.
  • No nitrates or nitrites added - Except for those naturally occurring in seasoning.
  • Pork raised without added hormones - Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in pork.
  • No preservatives.
  • Natural choice meats.
  • 100% Natural**.
  • U.S. Inspected and Passed by Department of Agriculture EST. 214.
  • Net Wt 12 oz (340 g).
  • Gluten Free

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I, thankfully, received a free Private Selection product, from My Magazine Sharing Network. I chose baby potatoes that I added sausage, chicken, onions, and cheese. (all Kroger products) and I made a casserole. Since I had plenty of leftovers, I always say cook once, eat for a couple of days! lol, I decided to turn the leftovers into a homemade chicken and sausage potpie! All I added to that was a bag of Kroger frozen veggies, and a Bisquick topping, and easy as that, another great dinner! And of course, I had to wear my fancy new apron while cooking, and used my veggie ribbon cutter, that I also received in my box from My Magazine Sharing Network.
If I was you, I would take a look at Private Selection products the next time you are at Kroger, and they have a ton of new and different products, and see what fabulous dinners, or sides, that you can come up with, just like I did! You can't go wrong with any Private Selection Products at Kroger, or the Kroger family stores!   #FreeSample

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Thanks to MyMagazine Sharing Network, our cats got to try, for free, Purina One cat food, Party Mix cat treats, and Meow Mix pate. As you can see from the pictures they LOVED all of it! Morris, Maddie and Mae just ate it up! Your cat will also love them because they are made with real ingredients. In fact, the first ingredient is real chicken! If you love your cat, or cats, as much as we do, you only want the best for them! And what is better than real ingredients? We want them to have a long and happy life, and we will provide that for them always, by using the best and real ingredients!  #FreeSample

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Game Day Fun Day

We were able to test Kroger products, thanks to My Magazine Sharing Network. We received, for free, Kettle Cooked Nashville Hot Chicken Chips, and the Naked Potato Skins. We have since bought the Sea salt & Pepper chips, my husbands favorite, the BBQ chips. They are all amazing! I love the thickness and the crisp. With the Naked Potato Skins, it was super easy! I added a can of chili (just Hormel) and topped it with cheese and onion! And we also buy the Kroger Home Sense paper towels. They are priced right, and a top paper towel!  #FreeSample


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