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Hi Y'all! I live right outside of Dallas, Texas,  I am married,  a step mom of three, and I retired from the medical field a few years ago.  I love discovering and sharing, great deals, amazing sales, free coupons,  true freebies, as well as writing reviews to let you in on the good, and even bad, details of new or different products and helpful web sites that will, hopefully, make our day go a little bit smoother and (with any luck at all) easier. I also enjoy participating in surveys, at least the ones that pay! I'll share that information with you too!

I would never think about leaving this "About Me" page, which could not possibly be considered complete, without mentioning the most important part,  of course that would be Morris, the original Pumpkin Butt Kitty! He is hands down my ultimate (and best accidental discovery) "Fantastic Find" that I have ever had or will have!

 Here is how the universe simultaneously put one VERY non-cat person and one VERY non-person cat together.

Even though I didn't care much for cats, I have always been a huge dog lover! But experienced a great loss when I had to put my dog Megan down several years ago because she was so very sick. She was 13 and it was the hardest thing I had ever had to do. She was a HUGE part of my life, and pretty much went every where I did! I was completely and totally devastated by loosing her! I didn't think I would ever want another pet again because I get so attached and I just couldn't, nor did I have any desire to, go through another loss like that ever again. Well, all that changed, and all those thoughts vanished right from my head, February 1, 2009. I had gone into Petco to buy fish food and there was a shelter there that had brought cats for people to adopt.  I am not sure why I even looked that way, but I did, and there was Morris. Something just hit me and I had to have him. I actually didn't do anything right then. I went home, walked in the door, turned right back around and went back to get him! I never even put my purse down! lol I had no idea where to start, didn't know what he needed or how to take care of him. But, Morris and I have figured it all out along the way and it has been one of the best tings I have done. He is just so sweet, loving, very attention needy (in a good way) and just a cute, little pumpkin butt! (Yeah, not really sure where that came from, Pumpkin Butt. He was in my lap while I was working on the computer one night (ok, like most nights) and it just came right out of my mouth from nowhere! lol)  He's the love of my life (it's ok, my husband knows this too! lol) and I am totally obsessed with him! Which really does go both ways. Robert says he's not sure who is more attached to whom, me or Morris!

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