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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Fire Up The Flavor!

Everyone who knows me, knows I LOVE Kroger! My step son has said many times, if we are not at home, check Kroger! lol
I am apart of My Magazine Sharing Network, which is part of Kroger and other fine stores, allowed me to try (for free) their Private Selections BBQ Kettle chips and their Private Selections Chile Ranch Seasoning Rub.  the BBQ Kettle chips are sweet, tangy, crispy with a hit of black pepper at the end. They were amazing and didn't last long in our house! I used the Green Chile Ranch seasoning rub, in my cast iron grill skillet (since we do not have a grill here) on chicken and it was beyond good! And let me tell you, it also didn't last long! I am sure it would even be better out on the grill! And it is not just for chicken! it would be great on meat as well. It is hot, not too hot, and tangy. It has the right amount of seasonings that scream Southwest with Chiles, spices and buttermilk. 
The Kroger Private Selections is a top notch brand that is high quality and culinary inspired dream with ingredients that are a must for your every day meal! They are quick, easy, and so very tasty! Private Selections should be a staple in your kitchen, like it is in mine!
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