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Sunday, October 19, 2014

What A Heluva Good Dip!!!

What a "Heluva Good" dip for this BzzAgent and her family! I have such a wide arrange of taste/pallets to deal with on a daily basis, and this was a perfect fit! I LOVE spicy, but I am the only one. So, I do not usually get my way on the spicy thing (but that is the only thing I don't get my way on! lol! If that was only true! lol)
However, I did get the Jalapeno Cheddar Heluva dip to try, again as a BzzAgent. EVERYONE loved it!
It had just a bit of kick, for me, but not too much of a kick that the rest of the family couldn't enjoy it! It was a win win all around!
They have a lot of different dip options! Just check out their site, http://www.heluvagood.com/
From now own, this brand will totally be my first go to dip!


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