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Monday, December 2, 2013

Anyone Interested In A Quick, Easy, Satisfying Kroger Meal? I know I am!

Kroger Skillet Meals are a great, easy, quick dinner for any weeknight, or even a weekend, meal! This BzzAgent (which means I was able to try a Kroger Skillet dinner, salad & garlic bread for free) loves a tasty meal that is ready in just minutes! Especially this time of year, when everyone is super busy, in a hurry and pressed for time. This is cheaper than fast food and way better for you!
I chose the Kroger Skillet Meal in beef stir-fry. It has seasoned beef steak, broccoli, sugar snap peas, carrots, celery, onions, red bell peppers, petite green beans, water chestnuts and button mushrooms in a stir-fry sauce! Sounds yummy, right? I just made some steamed white rice in the microwave to go with this! (also, that only took a few minutes as well!) I received a Kroger Fresh Selection Complete Salad Kit free too. I got the House Salad with Bacon. Now, I did add more cheese. I LOVE cheese! And since I will not drink milk, I have to get my vitamin D somewhere! :) This is already a perfect meal! But why not add Kroger Garlic Bread? (I also received one of these free as a BzzAgent) Garlic bread makes everything better! So, this is a 15 minute complete meal, tops, to put together! What better way to take care of the family on a crazy night?
  • Ready in just 10 minutes, each Kroger Skillet meal contains at least two servings per bag and 20 grams, or more, of protein per serving
  • Enjoy a wide variety of authentic Italian flavors including NEW Tuscan-Style Penne, Sausage Rigatoni, Penne with Grilled Chicken and many more!
  • Also available in delicious NEW Asian and Mexican varieties like Shrimp Lo Mein or Chicken Fajitas
  • Create a complete meal by pairing Kroger Skillet Meals with your favorite sides, such as Kroger Garlic Bread, and Fresh Selections Salad Kits


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