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Monday, January 25, 2010

My mission with PumpkinButtKitty's Fantastic Finds

I spend a lot of time online, and really off line as well, discovering new and interesting ways to make things a little easier, better, and if I am lucky, cheaper! I guess you would say I am an internet, we'll say enthusiast, that sounds better than junkie! lol
There is an excitement to it when you come across something really great that's not only intriguing, but could make your life better and easier.
And it's like winning a game when you can match up that coupon with a sale that's going on! I mean, who doesn't have fun doing that? lol Wandering into those freebies is never a bad thing either!!!
I enjoy meeting others that feel the same way, passing on the remarkable finds, deals, real freebies, and even buzz worthy things I find in my internet travels along the way, so that they might get some joy and benefit from a good bargain or product too!!
So, stay posted and we will see what else we can find. I'll try to throw in some interesting opinion topics and polls along the way for you to participate in and have fun with too! And if there is ever anything on your mind, well, by all means, please feel free to leave me a message any time! I would enjoy hearing from you! Take care everyone and be safe!
 Be sure to check out all the sites I have links to. They will be for things that I have personally tried and think would be worth your time to take a look into. I will pass on information on products, survey sites that actually pay, sites that offer the best coupons and much more. I'll even throw in links to sites that Morris', aka Pumpkin Butt, has found his favorite products on as well! :) =^..^=


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