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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do you love trying new products? Then you don't want to miss Smile.ly

Smile.ly — 

Do you love to try new products? I know you do!:) Then check out this new site. Smile.ly is the "worlds first social media powered community" which is designed to bring you new products to try and share. Why join? Because you can be among the first to try exclusive new products, experiences, and offers. And you are powering your social media networks with more to talk about.
It's free to join and once you register an account and complete your profile, then just click on your "my profile" page and see what offers you already have waiting for you! It's that quick. It's a lot like BuzzAgent.com except without having to wait so long for campaigns to participate in.
Your opinions matter in the Smile.ly community. You are not paid but you benefit from sharing those opinions and your thoughts by earning status (like at Viewpoints), smiles, rewards, and other special offers from popular brands and merchants.
Status is your rating within the community and has five levels. You advance levels by completing missions, receiving smiles, and adding content to the BrandConnect. Smiles are considered currency and you earn them by just being a member, logging in, creating and adding to BrandConnect, completing missions, recruiting members, and more. By earning Smiles you can get rewards like, improves status, chances to participate in internet shows, serve as a brand manager, or be a featured fan on the homepage.
They go into great detail on there site about all of this under the frequently asked questions section. So, be sure to read that before signing up so you will know what it is all about.
Also, as of right now, Smile.ly is only open to the US.


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