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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Aquafresh ISO-Active Toothpaste

I did receive Aquafresh ISO-Active Whitening as a sample, but I do intend on buying it from now on! I thought the breakthrough gel that transforms into a foam was great. My mouth felt a lot cleaner and fresher with this toothpaste than with what I usually buy. Even after eating my mouth still felt clean and fresh. I have not used it long enough to tell or get any of the whitening effects of this product, but I will keep you posted. The great thing is that it has the same great triple protection just like all the Aquafresh products for fresh breath, healthy gums, and strong teeth. I thought the new canister was wonderful. I like it so much better than regular toothpaste tubes. It seems like you will get more product out of this canister. I had never been really picky about toothpaste before. I usually just bought what was on sale or what I had a coupon for. I don't think I will be doing that anymore! I think I will be using Aquafresh ISO-Active from now on for myself and for my family! My 10 year old step son thought this was great too! I think he liked the foaming action best because it was fun for him and something totally new and different!


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